Have questions?  We have answers!

Here are some of the most common questions we get about our product.  Have a question you need answered?  E-mail or call us.


Why do your products have more color than other Jams/Jellies?  Simply put we don't go lite on the raw ingredients.  From Huckleberry to Apricot to Pineapple and beyond we use plenty to make our product stand out among the others.  More color = #MOREFLAVOR

My Jam/Jelly  has crystallized, should I throw it out?  Absolutely not!  Since we use only pure cane sugar and no high fructose corn syrup there is the possibility that the sugar will crystallize. The simple fix is to place the jar in hot water (pot on the stove on low, or in a dish filled with water in the oven on warm) until it heats enough for the sugar to de-crystallize.  Give it a good stir then you are good to use it your favorite way.

I am local, can I come by and get a few jars?  Absolutely!  As I currently  operate out of my home you are welcome to pick up your order.  I only ask that you call ahead and schedule a time/date.

Is your product made in a commercial kitchen?  Yes, We are currently using Kitchen Ponderay located in the Bonner Mall in Ponderay, Idaho.  This is  shared use kitchen and rented by the hour.  For more info visit https://www.commercialkitchens.site/kitchen or call Jayme Cozzetto at 509.868.7710